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We are here to provide a safe space where you might share your Mother Mary experiences and encounters, ask questions, request a special Mother Mary Blessing or Prayer, join us in prayer or on a Sacred Journey, start a conversation, inquire about or recommend resources, or just Be In Her Presence.

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About Us

This website is maintained by Madonna Ministry Inc. We are a worldwide spiritual community, a Church without Walls. We believe that there is one Power, one Presence, one Life and one Intelligence that expresses Itself everywhere and in everything.

We are disciples of Mother Mary. We are called to express our devotion with unconditional love, gratitude, humility and compassion. Our service is through simple acts of kindness, prayer, meditation, devotion, faith, healing, stewardship and selfless service in the mystical union with the One encompassing all.

Our Service

Mystically inspired by Mother Mary, the new Madonna Ministry is a Church Without Walls and is in service for healing, education, and peace; that all living beings, and the earth, may flourish.

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Mary’s Helping Hands

Learn how we donate our time, energy and resources. Consider joining us in our Mother Mary inspired activities.

Prayers and Blessings

You can join us for our weekly prayer circle where we hold those in need in Mother Mary’s House, or you can request a prayer or a Mother Mary Blessing.

About Mother Mary

A place to find Mother Mary material. Articles, images, history, study materials, resources …

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Madonna Ministry Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization