In Service

Mystically inspired by Mother Mary, the new Madonna Ministry is a Church Without Walls and is in service for healing, education, and peace, that all living beings, and the earth, may flourish. Our service is a requirement for membership in the Madonna Ministry. The services we provide include:

  • Officiate religious services
  • Spiritual teaching and guidance
  • Spiritual ceremonies: including healing prayers, weddings, births, memorials, rites of passage and transitions, etc.
  • Spiritual Counseling and meditation
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Stewardship of all living things through donations and charity service to animal/plant conservation, protection.
  • Death and Dying – rites of passage and memorial services, chaplaincy
  • Working with Children – education, guidance, and support through donation & charity
  • Training and Ordination of new members
  • Ordination of Ministers and Priests, and consecration of Bishops
  • Conduct classes, training and certification programs
  • Charity donations to various groups