Our Leadership

Our President

Bishop Mei Lan Willis (WhiteWolfStar)

President and Ecclesiastical Head of the Madonna Ministry, an ordained Madonna Minister since 1989, an Initiate of the Eli Gatoga Good Medicine Society, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, former Health Editor of Face Magazine, editor of the Madonna Ministry Newsletter and teacher/writer/lecturer and Master Healer, Mei Lan brings a wide range of knowledge and experience, with depth, compassion, and humor, to her work and teachings.

In this lifetime she is a 4th generation healer in a family rich with clairvoyants, psychics, teachers, ministers, healers, artists, writers and creative people. At the age of six, she began to have visions and contact with her spirit guides – especially Mother Mary and Archangel Michael, at eight began to receive precognitive dreams, at 15, began training in Chinese acupuncture with an aunt who was a mid- wife/ dentist/ acupuncturist. Under the direct guidance of The White Brotherhood, she was taught the many dimensions of healing through the use of sounds, colors, crystals, essences, Rays, Mandalas, universal grid work, and alternate-universe reality-integration. She has published a manual for healers and Lightworkers:  A Manual on Cleansing, Clearing, Exorcism and Psychic Protection.  As well, through the guidance of Pleidian guides, she has created a series of 12th Dimension sprays that combine essential oils, flower essences and gemstone essences anchored to sacred numbers, mandalas special spirit guides. The use of these sprays help the healer to anchor Light in the higher frequencies and access other dimensions and alternate realities.

She has led many Sacred Journeys to far off places such as Siberia, Mongolia, Ireland, England, Scotland, and France. Today, she continues to teach and mentor aspiring Priest/esses and Bishops, and to hold the Light Frequencies of Love and Peace within the Madonna Ministry and the World.

Our Vice President

Bishop Dolores (Dee) Wallick

Vice President and Executive Board Member, Bishop Dee Bio goes here, sending prayers for a speedy full recovery Angelheart!

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Our Treasurer

Bishop June “Joy” Cravenn

Treasurer and Executive Board Member, Bishop June Cravenn was ordained into the Madonna Ministry by Bishop Charlie Sommers in 1998 and is known as Mother Mary’s Prosperity Emissary. Having spent many years in Accounting, Real Estate and Finance, she was famous and in high demand for her ability to help small businesses navigate the Small Business Administration’s loan processes. Many a business benefitted from her deep understanding of the system and her gift for prayer, receiving loans they would otherwise have been denied.

She names Healing and Prosperity as the two areas of service and ministry she most strongly resonates with. She developed and taught the popular Prosperity Classes for which she created a workbook that is still being used. Her other classes include “How to clean up your credit,” “How to get a small business loan,” and most recently at OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) “It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again,” based on the book by best selling author Julia Cameron.

She has studied many healing techniques and modalities, her favorites being Emotion Code and Body Code Energy Healing. It is safe to say that if there is a spiritual healing modality or a practice you wish to know more about, Bishop June will be able to steer you to some of the best information sources.

Within the Madonna Ministry community, she is greatly appreciated for her impeccable accounting practices on the one hand, and on the other for her powerful prayers, a gift she developed as a Spiritual Practitioner at Agape, where she trained under Rev. Michael Beckwith. We will begin uploading some of these in the near future.

Her message to us today: “God is my Source. If you think anything else is going to be the source of your money, you will come up short.”

She counts music among her joys, and has fond memories of her times with the Agape International Choir under Rickie Byars. And speaking of, Joy is a word she proudly owns, it is how she is addressed by those who can read her heart, and her business card shows her as June “Joy” Cravenn, “Lightworker” which suits her perfectly. A favorite affirmation is “I tune into the Joy within that is my true nature. My Joy lights up the world.” Her hobbies are as broad as her spiritual practice. From crocheting and knitting to jewelry making (graduate of William Harris Institute), and surrounding herself at home with beauty, statues of holy teachers, and countless plants, especially orchids (she is an esteemed member of the Las Vegas Orchid Society). She loves to travel and spend time in the outdoors. We love that all her numerous plants provide an outdoorsy feeling even within her walls. Belly dancing is a passion she describes as “a joy as well as exercise.” When not traveling, she makes her home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our Secretary

Bishop Margaret Hedden

Secretary and Executive Board Member, she loves to laugh, and she never lost her insatiable curiosity or her capacity for awe and wonder. Besides being a Madonna Ministry Minister and Bishop and Board of Directors Secretary, Bishop Margaret Hedden’s life is that of a scholar, a lecturer and a teacher.

In the late 1970s her family moved to Mobile, Alabama and she began in-depth studies at Unity Church. This scholarship stint launched her on a teaching path, initially with small intimate meetings and classes at her home, which through word of mouth turned into popular and well-attended lectures in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Returning to California, she became a Science of Mind Practitioner and spent 12 years studying Aramaic with Dr. Rocco Errico. She was subsequently certified to teach Aramaic Bible, teaching it here and there for several years. She also holds an honorary doctorate from St. Thomas Christians.

She started The Church of Angels, which she headed for 10 years while also hosting Sunday evening lectures in her home, inviting authors and other interesting people to speak.

In 1998 she was ordained into the Madonna Ministry by Bishop Charlie Sommers. One of her most intense Mother Mary moments came as a vision, and the recollection still fills her with wonder. Since then, she has had other profound experiences. In some of the classes she held in her home people reported smelling roses.

Having personally experienced “a loving energy so powerful I could only manage a few minutes, it felt like I might burn up,” she acknowledged that to know such love makes her live her life differently.

With her children and husband, she has been an avid fan of the “Travel Shows” in the Los Angeles area, learning about many special places they would visit. To this she asked us to add mention of an encounter with St. Germaine, during one of many trips to Mt. Shasta. “I thank Mother Mary and Jesus for my extraordinary life.”

She also enjoys crocheting, knitting, spending time with her beloved grandchildren, and being in the garden with her three statues of St. Francis, Mother Mary, and Jesus. We find her a delightful and joyous member of our Board.

Director of Education Committee and Mary’s Helping Hands Committee

Bishop Conneta Johnson, BA

Director of Education, Chair of Mary’s Helping Hands Committee and Founding Board Member, Bishop Conneta is above all else a teacher. She can’t help herself, it’s in her constitution. Dating her personal relationship with God to age 4, she tells the heartwarming story of seeing Jesus as an older brother, always by her side. By the time she was sixteen, she knew she wanted to become a minister, but at that time there was no path in her church for female ministers.

Veering off into corporate culture, she ended up with her own healthcare consulting firm, traveling the US doing CEU training for doctors and nurse staff. A typical example of her successes was guiding a small southern California company 1-800-DENTIST, doing lectures and seminars for them, bringing them from local to nationwide prominence.

In time the old yearning for ministerial life beckoned and she followed. She received her Spiritual Foundational Training in Riverside California through the church now known as The Center for Spiritual Living, completing her Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Studies from Emerson Institute in 1998, and earning her Master of Divinity and ordination from Madonna Ministries International in 2000, completing her Priestess training in 2006.

She founded the Universal Rays of Light Church in San Bernardino, CA and shortly after began a three-year term serving as the California State Coordinator for Humanity’s Team, an international organization founded by Neale Donald Walsch of Conversations With God fame.

About the time she completed her Priestess training she was nominated as Inspirational song writer of the year for “Standing As One,” a song that was recorded by Emmy Award winner Faith Rivera and that become Humanity’s Team’s theme song. It was picked as a theme song for an Indie film being produced in Dubai and was also used for an employee promotional series by State Farm Insurance Company.

Two years later then-Reverend Conneta Johnson was consecrated Bishop in Madonna Ministry and accepted the position of chairperson of their Humanitarian Program, a program serving the needs of domestic & foreign children, senior citizens, service personnel, animal shelters and the needs of our own ministers.

In 2009 she founded Moments of Unity, a spiritual company to assist people through life’s transitions, facilitating ceremonies, memorials, classes, life coach & ordination.

Since 2013 she has been teaching metaphysical studies at the School of Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences for Spiritual Life Coach & Ministerial students, serving as the chairperson for their Curriculum Programs. In 2017 Curriculum Programs expanded to include “Mastering the Art of Being-Ontology (the nature of being) under the umbrella of a curriculum called INSIDE-OUT …A Journey to Who You Really Are.

In her own words: “Education has always been important to me and when the opportunity arose in the Madonna Ministry West in the Fall of 2016, I became Director of Education. We serve those at The End of the Rope; we offer a Life Coach training program, providing one year introspection of self and the skills necessary to inspire others to do the same; and we run our Ministerial program for aspiring ministers.”

Board Member

Bishop Joyce Cochran, LCSW

Board Member and Member of Education Committee, Joyce Lee Cochran is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, holding a master’s degree in social work since 1972. She has craved a life of service for as long as she can recall. Her Psychotherapy and Counseling career spans 50+ years, a short stint working for the government, many years in private practice, and counseling at schools.

Growing up in the Bible Belt in rural South in the 1940s and ’50s, her first introduction to matters of the spirit were in the local Methodist Church, but her curious mind found more doubts than inspiration there. While in college, majoring in psychology, she spent the summer working in a mental hospital in service with a Quaker group, and was immediately drawn to their philosophy of pacifism and their fierce anti-war stance. They introduced her to the practice of meditation, which had a profound effect on her life.

After college, looking for opportunities to travel the world and inspired by President Kennedy’s invitation to be of service, she joined the Peace Corps, teaching English in a girls’ boarding school in Tanzania, helping transitional students pass their exams into secondary school. She married, settled in Spokane, Washington and had a son and a daughter. While admiring the ways of the Quakers, she quite liked the liturgy of her husband’s Roman Catholic church (“though not their patriarchal ways,” she adds), and they compromised by raising the children in the Episcopalian church in Spokane.

Throughout her life she was deeply inspired by explorations into the Divine Feminine. Her curiosity about the women around Jesus led her to Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene whom she recognized from a prior lifetime and whose voice she channels. In 1998 these interests led her on a pilgrimage following women representing the depth of Christianity. Here she encountered the Black Madonna, whom she recognized as a symbol of the feminine in organized religion. Upon her return she started teaching about Divine Feminine within Christianity.

Becoming an empty-nester in 1992 she moved to Oregon and found herself with the opportunity to buy a house in a magical forest where she has lived with her partner ever since. Prior to the current Covid-19 constraints they “priestessed” the land, hosted a sweat lodge in the Lakota lineage, and held workshops and women’s circles.

Searching for a group involved with the Feminine she discovered Madonna Ministry and was ordained Minister in 2011, formalized her priestess status in 2012, and was consecrated Bishop in 2013.

These days she spends time with her aging 13 year old cat, reading a lot, mostly books by women authors, tending and priestessing the land and looking for help funding and publishing a book she has written about Mary Magdalene. With her partner she still holds circles virtually every 3-4 weeks and can’t wait to invite women to come to their land to camp out, learn and share wisdom and to make it more and more Women’s Land.

Bishop Larry

Bishop Larry Rasnake

Our newest Board Member and Member of Membership Committee, Bishop Larry Rasnake got his start in life in Virginia where some rather eclectic church experiences answered a deep resonance for the small boy’s appreciation for the sacred practices and ambiance of his surroundings. From a very early age he relied on his inner compass, a guidance system for knowing what was right, what was wrong, what was for him, and what wasn’t. His relationship with Mother Mary also began early in life, experiencing her as “an awareness of that soft and gentle voice within” and knowing intuitively whence it came.

He found it easy to fit into church community and discovered a knack for leadership way ahead of his years. Until his voice changed, he enjoyed singing in the church choir, taught Sunday school, and in his teens helped parents enjoy the service by taking over the care of their little ones. He picked up a broad set of skills volunteering in the church, including helping to run TV cameras for the live recordings.

At age 12 he volunteered as camp counselor, at 14 he started spending his after-school hours cooking in the kitchen that fed Liberty Baptist College’s dorm students – his first taste of working in the food industry. He recalls his first encounter with Madonna Ministry coming just after military service in a restaurant in Hawaii when he overheard a conversation mentioning Madonna Ministry and Charlie Sommers: “A subtle way that Divine planted a spark for later…” He was twenty-two years old.

Later, around 2010 he again heard of Madonna Ministry, but had not reacted, until meeting a couple of members of the Ministry. The seeds planted years before sprouted and he joined the Ministry, mentored by several prominent Ministry leaders. “It clicked and I felt at home,” he says. “The years long journey from first hearing the words made it feel like I had always been there.” He was ordained soon after.

He recalls his first encounter with Madonna Ministry coming just after military service in a restaurant in Hawaii when he overheard a conversation mentioning Madonna Ministry and Charlie Sommers: “A subtle way that Divine planted a spark for later…” He was twenty-two years old.

Later, around 2010 he again heard of Madonna Ministry, but had not reacted, until meeting a couple of members of the Ministry. The seeds planted years before sprouted and he joined the Ministry, mentored by several prominent Ministry leaders. “It clicked and I felt at home,” he says. “The years long journey from first hearing the words made it feel like I had always been there.” He was ordained soon after.

His mentors took an interest in him and quietly worked with him in conversations, delving into concepts that left him feeling fulfilled, with an inner direction that there was now a greater purpose he needed to be a part of. The subsequent invitation to be ordained Bishop felt like a natural progression of his spirituality becoming stronger.

Completing his military service, he had worked as food service director at a catholic college that was run by nuns, sparking a phenomenal connection with them, and a feeling of Mother Mary always being around.

Food service had become his lifelong career, working in private dining, in restaurants, nursing homes, and managing dining centers. His last 35 years were spent in management. As a manager he was deeply invested in supporting his charges, employing a management style of honesty, respect, and authenticity. He approached his work as guide, teaching skills, career development, and always listening to that inner compass. When hiring, he might not have looked for an exact fit for the position he was hiring for, but rather looked for a fit for what he wanted the position to become.

Someone who enjoys people and likes to be of assistance, he worked to encourage a positive space, starting his employees’ day feeling good, focusing on creating positive situations to ensure a better workspace, one that would make it comfortable to disclose where they needed help or counseling. His management style inspired leadership and loyalty.

Asked about his favorite area of service/ministry, he describes “The Quiet Doing,” helping from behind the scenes, under cover. His proudest accomplishments? “Knowing that what I am, what I do, and what I believe, is aligned and not separate functions or separate parts of myself.”

Our Office Manager and Administrator

Lauren E. Delp

Office Manager and Administrator, Lauren Delp was born in Texas and raised in what was then communist Czechoslovakia, escaping to the West in the spring of 1969. Her many hats have included working as the Manager’s Assistant at the United Nations Bookshop in Manhattan, travelling with a carnival show throughout the Pacific Northwest, surveying for the Forest Service in the mountains of Montana, designing user interfaces for mainframe computers and installing and maintaining engineering databases for the maintenance of nuclear power plants in Silicon Valley, researching and writing reports for non-profit grant writers in Canada, editing translations of both fiction and non-fiction, reading Tarot cards on a riverboat in post-communist Prague, and serving as an S-O-S Panic Button for many a small business owner caught up in overwhelm. She joined Madonna Ministry Inc. in the spring of 2017 and has been providing behind-the-scenes support ever since. If you experience issues with this website, she would be the right person to turn to.