Our Giving

We donate our time, energy and resources to Charity, Teaching, Spiritual Counseling and Life Coaching:

  • Charity donations to various Native American tribal children
  • Working with the homeless
  • Working with the elderly
  • Creation of a healing service
  • Creation of a chapel
  • Education through webinars and online classes
  • Conducting ceremonies
  • Educating, connecting, and communicating via Social Media

We Are Mary’s Helping Hands

Heart-shaped image of multi-colored hand prints to signify Mary's Helping Hands

At the beginning of the year we decided that in 2022 we will donate to:
Homeless & Foodbanks – 50%
Wellness – 20%
Navajo & First Nations – 20%
Seniors, Mother Earth, Heifer, Water, etc. – 10%

So far, we have donated this year:
$233.00 – Rosebud Mission in South Dakota
$233.00 – St. Mary Mission School in Red Lake MN,
$233.00 – Coachella Valley Rescue Mission in the Coachella Valley, CA
$519.80 – Medical supplies for Ukraine

During our last MHH Committee meeting, we decided to donate to help women & children who have been assaulted or raped! Bishop Linda Durant has been volunteering at a Rape Crisis Center for the past 10 years, and she is getting the information so that we can donate to help the women & children to fund the day-after pills. If you feel the desire to help also, please donate to: PayPal: madonnaministryworld@gmail.com, and earmark for the Rape Crisis Women & Children.

PS Last May, it was agreed that we shall establish a Dennis Sullivan Fund for children . If you wish to make a donation, please attach a note that it’s for the Dennis Sullivan Fund.

Thank you for your generous contributions,
Bishop Conneta Johnson
Committee Chair

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Madonna Ministry Inc. have received our non-profit status designation 501(c)3 from the IRS, and we have received the exemption letter from State of California. That means that any of our ordained members who are working to raise funds for their projects can use the 501(c)3 to help them! If you are interested, you will need to contact the 501(c)3 Committee (Bishop June Cravenn – Chair, Bishop Dee Wallick, Bishop Mei Lan) and they will walk you through the process.

Pledging for Mary’s Helping Hands

Dear Ones,

We have come such a long way since our new ministry was transformed six years ago. We all know that the strides we made will be multiplied with the coming of the new year. Gratefully, our finances are on the plus side even with the donations for children’s backpacks, blankets, clean water, and local GoFundMe disasters, through “Mary’s Helping Hands”.

This year we are hoping to make a greater charitable impact in our local communities. We would like Mary’s Helping Hands to be a tribute to Mother Mary in our communities. As you know, in order to perform wedding ceremonies, people can be consecrated at the Universal Church. But The Madonna Ministry is so much more!

Having said that, we are asking for pledges this year so that we can help our neighbors in more ways than we were able last year.

Make a pledge now, to be paid in the next few months. Dig into your pockets and subconscious. Consult with your spiritual connection to Mother Mary and pledge what you can. This is all tax-deductible, and it assists our ministry in helping our local community in the name of the Madonna Ministry and Mary’s Helping Hands. Also, you can petition Mary’s Helping Hands committee if you have a request for a worthy cause.

Make your pledge today and consider making this your favorite charity for tithing to the community.

Blessings, abundance and love in 2023.

Kindest regards,
Bishop Joy

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