HOLD-ON Assisting Others Through Life’s Transitions

HOLD-ON Assisting Others Through Life’s Transitions

Madonna Ministry Inc

HOLD-ON – Assisting Others Through Life’s Transitions

Madonna Ministry is proud to announce our new outreach program called HOLD-ON. Our desire with HOLD-ON is to reach the people who find themselves at the End Of The Rope.

We will be launching the program in January 2019

In September we began training our volunteer “Transformational Guides”. The 10-week training course is a certificate course that they will be able to use in service of the Madonna Ministry. The training focuses on nine areas:

1. Our Personal Higher Consciousness-Conneta
2. Grief, Loss, Death & Dying-Conneta
3. Anxiety & Depression-Joyce
4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-Joyce
5. Addiction-Linda
6. Abuse-Linda
7. Caregivers-Linda
8. Identity-Joyce
9. Spiritual Crisis-Mei Lan

We are thankful to our Program Facilitators:
* Joyce Cochran
* Linda Durant
* Conneta Johnson
* Mei Lan Willis
* Mo Hainer

For more information about HOLD-ON, contact

Conneta at connetaj@gmail.com

Opportunities To Minister

Opportunities To Minister

Fall is a good time for a Minister. As Nature points the way to show the best time to harvest, we as ministers must pay attention, when people show signs of wonder of the bounty that surrounds us.

We must seize the opportunity to bring people closer to the belief that the source of our bounty is a most benign Spirit.

With glorious days to enjoy we make tiny contributions to Life.

The Spiritworld rejoices with smiles on the heart when vanity and pride are on the backburners of our minds.

The world is a place of wonder,
when people love one another.

Days shared, then, in loving kindness are days treasured full of fondness.

Be Blessed.
Bishop Teddy.

Journey’s and New Beginnings

Journey’s and New Beginnings

Beloved MM’s,

It has been a month of new journeys & new beginnings for 20% of our ministry. That’s a huge shift & change of perspective, identity, karma & journey. The rest of us are on our own journey of reinventing our selves, as they shift, we are also shifting and evolving with them. It’s aligned with the fall equinox, full moon & the change in the tides of events and is sweeping our planet this year. No one is holding still, immune and unchanged in this whirlwind of energy. It’s exciting, exhilarating, frustrating, frightening, and intense. The magnitude of change such as in a change of homes, jobs &/or  relationships affects us deeply.

Who are we now? As we step out of our front doors, how are we to the world? How is the world to us? Are we strong enough to be different on our new journey? Do we have enough courage to face whatever shows up?

And with the blessings of Mother Mary; Yes, We are strong & courageous, and can face all the new challenges with ease & grace. The changes are good, and the journey filled with companions who gets us, and who supports us on our new journeys.

The tide is rising on humanity doing the right things for the right reasons. Those who are showing up have the stamina and courage to be on that journey of changing the earth for the better. Those who have shown up to force the change also deserve our blessings and prayers for all they did to make sure changes will happen.

And in the end, our children & grandchildren will inherit a cleaner, better, kinder earth that they will be the guardians and gardeners for.

We, as vision keepers and chalice for the flame for humanity: our job is to keep holding that vision of what humanity can be, and to keep the flame bright and bring light to all the corners where light has fled.

And when things are at the most challenging, call on Mother Mary and the Madonna Ministry, and we’ll bring you chocolate, hugs and more.

All my love and hugs and blessings, always,
Mei Lan

Letters from Mother Mary 309

Letters from Mother Mary 309

Dear Ones,

As these first days of summer come into being, let us rejoice at this new season and this time of change and growth. Summer comes to us with warmth, blue sky, thoughts of play, and good times. Summer comes with times of growth and gardens. It is a time of inner-growth and change. The time has come for reaching out and pushing past old barriers.

As each of you reaches out and push past what you have known, you will be shedding old ways, customs, and traditions. This is a time of getting ready for what the universe is growing into and becoming. It is a time to recognize your growth and who you are becoming. It is a time of waking up and seeing the truth of your world and what it has become.

One of the first steps in allowing the old ways of the world to fall away is to clearly see the truth of what it has become. I am speaking of seeing the whole picture not just part of the picture. This is not a time of agreeing or disagreeing with what the world has become, it is just about seeing the whole truth of what it is.

It is about recognizing the strengths and weakness of the world and yourselves. Are you ready to change that picture? Are you ready to look inside and find the truth of yourself and the world?

As each of you brings the truth of yourself into being, you will affect the picture of the world. With your becoming who you are meant to be, then, in turn, the world will start to become who and what it was meant to be. Each being of this universe is connected and affects each other and the whole of your world.

It is past time to let go of the illusion that what you do and what you say does not matter to other beings or the whole of your world. Every thought, action, and deed affects every other living breathing life form. Are you consciously aware of these actions of others? No, most of you are not, but all actions, thoughts, and deeds change the energy in the universe. That energy reaches out and touches each of you and in the touching of that energy, you are changed and affected.

So I say to you today. Welcome to this Summer Season.  Welcome to this time of renewal, growth, nurturing and healing.

As you each grow and healing in the warmth of the sun, may the old outer layers of untruths release.

With the release comes room for growth and renewal of the precious truth of you and the universe.

Know that we are right here standing with you ready to help you weed your garden or shed your old untruths. We number in the thousands and we are loving each and every one of you. We are hoping that you can feel our love, support, and encouragement flowing into your world.

Know that you only need to call my name and I will be there.

In love,

Mother Mary