Living in Fear vs. Love

Living in Fear vs. Love

Dear Ones, ‘

Even though we try to be do-gooders with our righteous path of being servants for the Divine, we can be challenged by major and minor distractions. Currently, there is a grand spiritual war on the planet, and it is being greatly amplified by the media and the internet. Duality is at its peak, and either side is a push for imbalance.

As a Shamanic Priestess, I walk the middle path between heaven on earth, which is quite a skill, to value both viewpoints, while maintaining mine which is to validate all of it, while holding love in my heart for this conflict… and sending out good vibes for ‘wholeness’. There are many ‘pieces to this puzzle’, as I witness this painful separation all around me. Prayer, meditation, toning, being in nature, are all great medicine for this controversy.

For 7-years, through a big part of my 30’s, my husband and I hosted a free-thinkers non-mainstream film club and showed documentaries and held discussions. We educated a big community on so many untold challenging stories and innovative solutions… while being brave enough to witness the underbelly of the beast. I was a referee making sure we all got along and were a network for many small grassroots organizations, that were making a difference either through our local community or internationally. We opened many doors and it was rather liberating.

On another level, being in such an extreme perspective, it eventually sucked the life out of me. We both had enough and reached our limit. I discovered through this experience, that being in ‘fear’ most of the time… life is not worth living.

I am discovering that I am so sensitive, I can hardly talk about politics and the unkind agenda anymore. I feel like part of the reason I’m here in this lifetime is to bring love & hope for others.

If the latest news leaves me filled with fear, I don’t feel like I’m honoring my purpose. I end up feeling hopelessness… and then I can’t do my job! On the other hand, I am open to hearing anything ‘positive’ in the news 🙂 I’m learning to set strong boundaries with my loved ones around me, to protect my sacred self and to know what is healthy, while also being able to maintain these unique relationships.

I also remember the other-side well. It is another form of escape trying to leave this world, before the end of our time. When we’re there, we want to be here. When we’re here, we want to be there. There really is no perfect feeling that lasts forever… any place. I learned as a spirit being, to accept what is… even if it seems horrible… or beautiful. It seems change begins with acceptance. Change is inevitable in all worlds.

We are glorious beings if we can remember that, and realize what incredible manifestors we are! I learned that whenever I’m negative, I counter many of my positive wishes. I also affect the ‘collective consciousness’… so I have a responsibility to be the ‘best me’ possible!

Now in my present world, I’d rather live my life with JOY and find what is good about it, to celebrate it, be happy and to count my blessings… for as long as I’m alive. No matter how ‘I am a work in progress’ with many topics… to be grateful for what is, rather than measure it with the ‘standards of perfection’… not always easy, but certainly, it makes me feel ‘happier’ rather than judgmental. I no longer have that feeling of rosy-colored glasses that many people have about their life. I live in the in-between place, and I’m OK with it. I’ve let go of the attachment, because it doesn’t serve me. I have a strong faith that everything will work out and be alright.

It’s important to know that we walk with the Divine in all ways, and to surrender, trust, and allow.

Priestess, Sahara Exodus