Journey’s and New Beginnings

Journey’s and New Beginnings

Beloved MM’s,

It has been a month of new journeys & new beginnings for 20% of our ministry. That’s a huge shift & change of perspective, identity, karma & journey. The rest of us are on our own journey of reinventing our selves, as they shift, we are also shifting and evolving with them. It’s aligned with the fall equinox, full moon & the change in the tides of events and is sweeping our planet this year. No one is holding still, immune and unchanged in this whirlwind of energy. It’s exciting, exhilarating, frustrating, frightening, and intense. The magnitude of change such as in a change of homes, jobs &/or  relationships affects us deeply.

Who are we now? As we step out of our front doors, how are we to the world? How is the world to us? Are we strong enough to be different on our new journey? Do we have enough courage to face whatever shows up?

And with the blessings of Mother Mary; Yes, We are strong & courageous, and can face all the new challenges with ease & grace. The changes are good, and the journey filled with companions who gets us, and who supports us on our new journeys.

The tide is rising on humanity doing the right things for the right reasons. Those who are showing up have the stamina and courage to be on that journey of changing the earth for the better. Those who have shown up to force the change also deserve our blessings and prayers for all they did to make sure changes will happen.

And in the end, our children & grandchildren will inherit a cleaner, better, kinder earth that they will be the guardians and gardeners for.

We, as vision keepers and chalice for the flame for humanity: our job is to keep holding that vision of what humanity can be, and to keep the flame bright and bring light to all the corners where light has fled.

And when things are at the most challenging, call on Mother Mary and the Madonna Ministry, and we’ll bring you chocolate, hugs and more.

All my love and hugs and blessings, always,
Mei Lan